Health Center

Rose Hall Health Center is a 12 bed medical facility located on the ground floor of Rose Hall accessible through Gate E5 off of Eagle Road.

Contact Information:

Front Desk: 610-989-1515 Fax: 610-989-1516
Nurses: 610-989-1517 or 610-989-1518 Director, Debbie Hammer: 610-989-1518

We provide the following services:

  • Medical Services: During the academic school year; students have accessibility to a licensed nurse following the protocols established by the Medical Director. The doctor or nurse is available 24/7 by phone for consultation. During the weekday, the doctor is available daily on campus by appointment.
  • Medication Management: The nursing staff will dispense, monitor and facilitate reordering of medication for those students who require medication during the academic school year. This service is offered to facilitate medication compliance. We work closely with the tactical team, counseling center and guidance to ensure optimal outcomes. Please contact the Health Center for associated costs.
  • Appointments Off Campus/Transportation: The Health Center has long standing relationship with various medical vendors. Transportation is available as needed. We work with local dentist, orthodontist, podiatrist, dermatologist, cardiologist, orthopedist, rehab services, counseling, ophthalmologist, and neurologist to name a few.
  • Laboratory Services: The Health Center is equipped with a state approved and licensed laboratory. Routine blood draws for therapeutic management are offered on a routine and as needed basis; working closely with the ordering physician. Lab testing is also provided to facilitate diagnosis and expedite treatment.
  • Wellness and Acute Care: The nursing staff is CPR and AED certified. Emergency, acute and chronic care is offered by the nursing staff. Wellness maintenance and on-going education is provided by the staff to include weight management with a nutritionist and smoking cessation services. Flu vaccinations and immunizations are offered in compliance with the PA Department of Health for academy students and college students.
  • Case Management/Medical Records: Continuity of Care is a very important service provided by the office and medical staff of the Health Center. Students are provided with pre and post operative follow up care while away from their primary physician(s) to ensure continuity of care and optimal outcomes. Medical leave may be provided if necessary in order to follow up with the primary physician at home. Medical records are kept for all students in compliance with the PA Department of Health.

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